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Breaking Boundaries

Breaking Boundaries

Like never before, you can form cross-functional teams, harness expertise and promote best practices across organizational, departmental and geographic boundaries. By providing a knowledge repository equipped with project workspaces, tasks and milestones, InfoStrength enables you to collaborate effectively. InfoStrength connects you with others, giving you the means to:

  • Enhance organizational efficiency and agility
  • Connect with partners in a single controlled environment
  • Capture and leverage the value of collaborative efforts
  • Improve business relationships
  • Ensure security and reduce corporate risk
  • Work more effectively with employees, customers and partners
  • Manage projects effectively throughout their lifecycle

Collaborative features include:

Ideation Tools

Enable ideas and projects to launch quickly with its built in wizards and content creation templates.

Knowledge Base

Leverage expertise with member profiles, expert designations, FAQs and threaded discussions.

Collaborative Workspaces

Reduce ramp-up time and project lifecycles by providing all members of your company or department with access to a secure, web-based project workspace and content repository.

Easy-to-use Reporting Wizards

Monitor due dates, milestones, tasks and priorities, and generate status reports, which are automatically provided to management.
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