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Resolve Issues Quickly

Resolve Issues Quickly

Issue management plays a major role in regulated businesses. Your quality and compliance team must constantly manage non-conformities, exceptions and process deviations. With InfoStrength, you’ll be able to establish and follow consistent procedures for:

  • Issue capture
  • Loss event tracking
  • Task management problems
InfoStrength enables you to:
  • Record, review and resolve issues quickly
  • Reduce repeat occurrences
  • Improve communication on exception cases
  • Gain enterprise-wide visibility to the status of issues and incidents

Issue Management features include:

Issue Recording

Take a risk-based approach to quality and compliance management with real-time visibility into issues and incidents. Have instant access to the quality and document management process and its key performance metrics.

Investigation and Remedial Actions

Stop wondering if employees are aware of incidents. Quickly contain the impact of an issue and immediately begin investigation. Benefit from automatic alerts and instant notifications to appropriate personnel when remedial action is required. Having trouble managing issues and incidents? Call to add On-Call Quality Support to your solution and get the answers you need.
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